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    Designing the Perfect Cake
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    Designing the Perfect Cake
    For All Occasions

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Cake Design

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About molly

Since the day I ventured into to the world of sugar, butter and flour, I have never looked back.

A creative thinker at heart and with a love for baking and all things sweet, it was only natural to realize that my destiny would lie in the sugary goodness of desserts. After several years of working as an interior designer, I was drawn back into the kitchen and decided to make my hobby a career, and so Molly’s Flair was born.

Purely self taught, I thrive on the wonders of decorating and sugar craft as I spend hours and days meticulously sculpting sweet creations, layer by layer, bit by bit. I spend a great amount of time sourcing each ingredient, be it the fondant from the United States, the artisanal butter or the sugar paste from Europe, and I marry them into cakes and confections.

The dreamer that I am, I aim to capture your ideas and bring them to life. From celebration cakes, gourmet cupcakes, favors and custom sweets, there is a flair for flavor and eye for detail evident in every treat I bring to the table. Whether it’s a whimsical birthday party, baby shower or a dinner reception, my dedication to fulfilling the wishes of my clients inspires me to dream big and work magic into sweet perfection.

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